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Okay, I’ll admit that I enjoy wearing my basketball shorts and Nike Roshes from time to time but that is what I see a good 75% of guys wearing these days, and the other 15% are wearing something a little more impressive. It is time to start dressing to impress; not only will it make you look better, it will make you feel better. Now you may be thinking that having good style takes money, or takes a lot of effort, or maybe you just don’t know where to start. But l have some good news! It’s super easy and inexpensive to update your wardrobe. Just take some of this advice and I will help you take your fashion to the next level.

So, todays advice is not coming from me, its coming from the opposite sex. That’s right, women have spoken their minds about mens fashion today, the trends they like and the not-so-attractive trends. I have taken the liberty to ask several ladies questions about mens fashion and have collected them here for you.

  • How do you feel about a man who knows how to dress?
    • “I think a man who knows how dress shows off their personality and is one of most attractive qualities in a guy.”
    • “I love a man who knows how to dress because I would never have to worry about being embarrassed in public with him; he would always look great!”
    • “I love it, style is what catches my eye.”
    • Nothing is better then a man who has a sense of style.”
    • “I automatically assume the guy has his life together if he looks great.”
  •   What is your favorite thing for a guy to wear?
    • “That’s a tough one but I’m a sucker for a clean cut guy in a blazer and a nice button down shirt and jeans. I think it shows that he is confident in himself.”
    • Jeans. Holy moly if they have a good butt the best thing he could wear is jeans!”
    • “Nothing is hotter then a guy in a suit. Even causal suits! I just love them.”
    • “A button down with rolled sleeves and maybe a few buttons undone (aka the Colby Danner look. Seriously, more guys should try this).
    • “Skinny ties and oxfords. (Heart eyes)”
  • What is your least favorite thing for a guy to wear?
    • “When his basketball shorts, T-shirt, and shoes are all different shades of the same color.”
    • “Basketball shorts; that’s all I have to say.”
    • “Unfitted clothing; loose pants, tight shirts, etc.”
    • “Those dumb graphic tees like ‘cool story babe, now make me a sandwich’. It’s not cute and us girls find it immature.”
  • If you could give a guy one piece of advice about style what would it be?
    • “Get a good barber and don’t buy bagging clothing.”
    • “Just be yourself!”
    • “You don’t have to wear basketball shorts everyday. I like a guy who can look clean-cut and classy, too!
    • “Wear khakis at least once! Also, some guys would be way more attractive with a little more effort in their appearance.”
    • “Actually try; dressing up will do wonders for you!”
    • “There is a time and place for cargo pants; the time and place is non-existent.”

So this is where I come in; I’m here to help you take your style-game to the next level. So next time you go out, change it up a little bit. Wear a nice pair of denim pants with a white button down shirt and leave a few buttons undone (or three or four). Maybe throw on a nice watch or bracelet; accessories are an easy way to amp-up a look and you can get these for a good price, too!

Another thing that can really improve your look is a nice pair of shoes. And I’m not talking about an expensive pair of running shoes, I’m talking about a pair of casual loafers or oxfords (examples below). It can really turn your look around and boost your confidence. Shoes are great investment but you don’t want to buy a cheap pair of dress shoes or causal slip-ons because long story short; you are paying for what you get. You can get a great pair of casual lace-ups for a great price. One of my personal favorite shoe stores is ALDO. It is a great, trendy store that carries shoes of all types and sizes (link below). A nice pair of shoes really completes a look and can be very versatile. So go out there and start turning some heads. Cause who doesn’t like having people double-take as they walk past you?

Well guys, I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to ask me; I’m always here to help you. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments and feedback. I would be greatly appreciated.

Signing out,


P.S. Thank you to all the ladies who helped me out with this post. I really appreciate it.

A nice light brown, casual lace-up sneaker matches perfectly with a nice pair of rolled up jeans and a casual button down shirt.
A dapper, brown lace-up wingtip goes hand-in-hand with a fitted pair of khaki pants and a nice light blue polo or button down shirt.


All shoes shown above can be found at ALDO Shoes.

Names of shoes:








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