Outfit under 50, say what?!


Out Of The Day; and its all under $50! Say what?! The pants were $20, the shirt $15, and the belt was $10. That’s actually very cheap for an entire outfit and can all be purchased at one of my favorite stores: Forever 21Men. Now I added a few accessories that I already had to complete the look but the clothes were all bought under 50.

This nice patterned shirt makes a great statement and it really catches the eye. The green pants compliment the blue and the white in the shirt making it a coherent look. The accessories also add a little more to the outfit, as well. The gold watch is the statement; the black bracelet goes with the shoes and belt, and the white beaded bracelet goes with the white in the shirt. Notice how everything in this look compliments each other. Nothing clashes or looks out of place, it all looks like it belongs together and that is what makes a great outfit. So the next time you go out try something a little different; maybe wear a patterned shirt with jeans or a colored pant. Or if you want to go crazy, wear both!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks style look and please come back for next weeks look. New posts are coming out very soon so be sure to follow me on Twitter @Colby Danner and Instagram @stylebycolby for updates! Thank you so much for reading.


Signing out,



All clothing can be purchased at Forever 21Men



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