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New look! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and thank you for visiting my blog today!

This look was found at Express for the very low price of $60 for both the pants and shirt. Express is currently having their 50% Off Sale and it is great! Go check it out, they have some great stuff for really low prices. This outfit is a little more simple than my usual looks but this is a great outfit for work or to go out for lunch with friends.

This purple and grey button down is perfect for a winter look with a pop of color. The purple and they grey go hand in hand together, creating a very dapper, cool colored look. The plaid pattern is very modern and has several different shades of purple and grey mixed into the fabric.

I really love getting my dress shirts from Express because the quality is great and the price isn’t too bad either. Their dress shirts are made with %100 cotton and offer a wide range of sizes, fits, colors, and patterns.

The shirt I have on is apart of their 1MX Fitted Collection, which means it is tailored in the torso, and can be found on their website and in stores. The 1MX Collection dress shirts are designed for every body type and offer four different fits; slim, fitted, athletic, and modern. I highly recommend their dress shirts, they are the bomb.image-1_ink_li

This shirt would also look great with a nice pair of jeans and a pair of brown wingtips for a more casual, everyday look. But it also would look great with light grey, or navy blue dress pants.

The pants are a dark grey color, which is great for the winter season. This particular pair is part of their Innovator Dress Pant collection which has a skinny, fitted look.

Express offers three other fits as well, such as; Photographer (slim fit), Producer (modern fit), and Agent (relaxed).

These grey pants could also be paired with a white button down, a red button down, or even a navy or blue button down. The possibilities are endless!

I finished off the look with a nice pair of black wingtips that mix velvet, patent, and leather all in one shoe! This is my favorite pair by far. As well as a white, rubber band watch with a black leather bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed this look and please like, comment, and share this post! It really helps get my blog out there for others to see and I would greatly appreciate. More looks coming soon! Thank you for visiting.



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