Back in Black

Back in black! This look is a edgier than some of my past looks and features a great black blazer purchased at Express. I hope you like the new setup of the website, I figured it was time for a little change. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for reading.

This look features a fitted, black blazer, detailed with leather on the back of the lapel and front pockets, which gives the blazer a texture difference and a modern look. I recently purchased this blazer from Express and I could not be happier by the way it looks. This is the first blazer that actually fits and I will not have to have it tailored! It fits perfectly around my torso, as well as the chest, shoulders, and sleeves.

This blazer is made to have a perfect fit and I highly recommend this one. This blazer looks great with jeans, or with a nice pair of black dress pants for a formal event.

This outfit would also look great with a white button down or several other colors, including: red, blue, or grey. Experiment with different colors and patterns, it is a great way to build variety and stand out.


I decided to go with something a little different with this look and throw on a pair of black suede Chelsea boots. I love Chelsea boots and I love this pair. The boots are comfortable and stylish, and will give you a little more variety to choose from.

Chelsea boots come in several different colors like camel, beige, and conagc. This outfit would also look good with a nice pair of black leather boots, as well.

I added a floral print tie to the look to dress it up a little more. I really like the grey colors in the tie and the black makes them pop even more. I also added a gold tie bar to add a pop of color and keep the tie from moving around.

I am wearing a dark silver watch that has a very interesting band. I can’t really explain what it is but it is really cool and I love it.

I hope you enjoyed this look and be sure to come back to see more! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback to help me improve my blog, I would really appreciate it. Also, don’t forget to follow my blog via email to receive post notifications.

Thank you again for reading!



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