Turtle Necks Are Not Out of Style

img_1832-2What is classy, chic, modern, sophisticated, dapper, and classic all at the same time? A turtle neck. And no, they are not out of style! I mean, who doesn’t love a good turtle neck?

This is one of my favorite winter looks so far. I love it because it is clean, chic, and sophisticated while maintaining a level of casual. The dark purple pants compliment the marble-grey in the turtle-neck. This outfit is great for casual occasions or for a day on the town.

If you are wanting to layer up or aid a little more class to the look, try putting a nice, solid color sweater over the turtle neck. This is great look for professional, business attire. This navy sweater is lit and hugs my body and keeps me warm. I also decided to pull the sleeves of the navy sweater up just a little bit to allow the grey fabric of the turtle neck to peek through. This is a great way to break up the navy sweater and add a little more interest to the look. Little details like this really make a difference. 

Purple pants and Turtle-Neck: TopMan  Navy Sweater: H&M   Shoes: ALDO

Style Tip: Notice that the shoes and belt match; this is very important when putting        together a look. You do not want to mix a black shoe with a brown belt or vise versa. It  looks odd and out of place. By having the shoes and belt match, it makes the look more  coherent and ties everything in.

For accessories, I added a gold watch, a round pair of shades, and a brown briefcase. I did not want to over do it with accessories because the look is so simple. The briefcase can be purchased from Coach.

Thank you so much for reading and please like, comment, and share this post. I would also like to thank one of my very good friends, Katelynn, for taking these amazing photos. She is extremely talented and I am ecstatic about how great the photos turned out.

Be sure to come back for more. Stay warm,





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